Where have I been for the last 6 years?

In my previous post I said I was relocating from the Upper East Side and leaving my current roommate Olga (the 77-99 year old).

I placed a craigslist add “Girl with cat seeking apartment.  I am clean, easy going, and my cat will kill all the mice!”

Someone replied, finally, whose add said “2 NYU recent grads seeking roommate”.

I was so excited someone my age would accept my cat and that I did not have to live with roommates 70+.  I went right away to see the place.  When the door opened it was two dudes.  I had not even stopped to think whether they were males or females, I was just so excited someone responded because renting a room in Manhattan with a cat is nearly impossible. I hung out with them a few times and felt the vibe and became their roommate on the Lower East Side. We hung out a lot as friends and went to dinner almost every night.

To cut the story short, I ended up dating one of them for 2 and a half years and got engaged.  We were close to the wedding when I discovered secret agendas I wanted no part of.  I was the 99% and they were the 1% (let’s swap resumes now).  I had a 1 day garage sale and packed up what I could and took it back to Texas.  I had no time to be sad or sulk because I did not recover my money from leaving NYC since it was tied up with him or in the wedding.  I got a job and a car within two weeks of moving back to Texas and relocated to Dallas.

The last 3 and a half years my only focus was my education and career path.  I started off as Supervisor of the administrative staff, billing, insurance, and reception check in and check out desks. One year later I was promoted to Manager of the entire medical center which is comprised of 22 doctors, 8 specialties and ancillary services. I graduated with my MBA in Healthcare Management, studied for 1 year to become a Certified Medical Practice Executive, and completed a 6 month Safety and Effectiveness Program by submitting a project to improve diabetes in the community.  I now also am involved in managing another medical center which is a large non-profit we fund.

I was a robot or some type of mechanical being these last few years so I decided to take a break to regain my humanity. I was losing the wide eyed awe for the world around me. I did not feel the sun, did not hear the birds, had dinner 6 times and breakfast 0.

So I told my job I wanted to take a trip, take some time for me and they agreed.  A trip that was long enough to be a journey verse a vacation.  Something to bring back meaning for me and to shake my bones with excitement.

Follow my journey:

  • January to May 2016
  • 121 days
  • 9 countries
  • 50+ cities

Can I make it?  Stick around and find out!


I get my first paid vacation from my first real after college job!  It starts TOMORROW on 4/15 and lasts until 4/28.  I am going back to my home town and my state, TEXAS, Tejas, whatev.

I have not been home in 8 and a half months and for that entire time I have been in NYC with out one day of rest from the excessive horns and noise.  I am privileged to live in New York but its a place you definitely need a break from.

I cannot sleep.

Its like I am in 4th grade and tomorrow is my 10th birthday party.  As if I am excited about the breaking of the pinata, getting new toys, the games….but also I am nervous because I hope my classmates like the party and I hope they all show up.  After weeks of planning and sending out corny birthday party reminders, its the night before and I am restless.

Well I just feel giddy and nervous for the long flight alone and happy all at once!

I have many things planned and will blog all about TX.  It feels so foreign now since I have been away for so long.  I feel I will be amazed by the fact my washer and dryer is in my house, people do not honk, I can actually walk around the state without bumping into people, there are deers in the street, and there is grass and shrubbery everywhere, and the mailmen actually drive cars to every house instead of walking their mail cart.

I love NY but TX is sooo much easier.  I will be sleeping to 11am instead of waking at 7 every morning because of Mr. Trashman.

I am in love with the thought of a 2 week change and I love TEXAS!

whoop, yee-haw, What-a-burger, BBQ, shootin guns, and fishin…….

peace ya’ll

Hey. I am in the process of relocation…..in the city, so I cannot post blog updates ATM… “theres too much pressure and I’m nervous and the taxi man turned on the radio and a Jay-Z song was on”…saying “New Yooork concrete jungle where dreams are made of”….so let me make it happen.

I’ll have to get back to you in…

So the club I am in got free tickets to one of the most famous art shows in the world, which has been an annual event since 1913.

I loved the colors together in the painting by Richard Phillips called White Cube
2009 Oil on Canvas

Black and white themed gallery

Crooked shelf with trinkets and empty frames

tons of frames
Mickalene Thomas
mixed media of 8 panels
named Photomontage 2009

All ages were fascinated and photographed the still moments
Michael Portnoy
mixed media
The Instrument 2009

Cow, Lion, Hawk, Duck


Amy photographing this illusion
Anthony James
Wall Mounted Birch Box 2009

Yoon, Jeongmee
Ethan and His Blue Things

Yoon, Jeongmee
Kara-Dayeon and Her Pink Things

Clay face cut and shaped

Styrofoam on walls

People enjoying the Ronald Feidman Fine Arts Collection

Anna Maria Maiolino
Walking Through Eggs

Katie admiring the painting made of different colors of puffy paint

Yes I believe, NO i don’t

Gilles Barbier
In the soup, a cheddar fondue and three nightmares, speech bubbles (tenant and owners), isolated segments (the infinite assassin) and bananas 2010

Katie and the big flowers

Katie, Amy, & Charlotte with the Big Apple!

Rob Wynne
Kissing Seahorses
print on canvas with glitter and hand sewn pearls

Amy taking photos

Revolving mirrors

Francis Celentano
Elliptical Kinetic Painting in yellow and violet

Our usual mirror pics

Julia Allison (a well-known blogger http://julia.nonsociety.com/) and Randi Zuckerberg the sister of Mark Zuckerberg (the creator of Facebook) had their annual Birthday Bash that Katie and I attended.

They had a photo booth at the party

Balloons were everywhere

Julia Allison has been the Editor of Star Magazine. She has also written for amNewYork & Time Out New York as a dating columnist.

Julia Allison is one of the 4 bloggers for Nonsociety.com

Randi Zuckerberg is the sister of the creator of Facebook. Her and Julia had a joint bi-coastal birthday celebration (Friday night in NYC, Saturday night in SF).

I joined this photography club that travels to different art galleries around NYC to admire the artists work and to take photographs. After the walk or crawl we usually end the afternoon dining together. I really enjoy the people in the group. It is so much fun!

The Cereal Killa’s graffiti wall mural

I liked the orange hair piece with the black and white painting

Behind the scenes at an artist’s loft…I wonder what this will turn out to be?

A bright gallery

At the Boiler Room title “Miniature War in Iraq…and Now Afghanistan” The research and project started in March 2007 and was not shown to the public till February 2010. An Arabic-speaking research team set out to best capture this war getting information from Iraq Bloggers, the New York Times, the US Military etc.. On the wall hung pictures of different toy men from Iraq/Afghanistan and US Soldiers. There was also a movie playing along with the main huge display that I photographed. You cannot see the detail in the picture, but there are many soldiers and civilians carefully places by the research they studied.

Some of the group at another gallery

This was the only exhibit at this gallery…wax and tire tracks

Asian men in a bubble on a mountain

Precisely placed pins and confetti

The cute German Beer Garden we went to after the miles of walking from gallery to gallery!

Cheers…it was the 1 year anniversary of Wired New York. Thanks Edward and Andrew!

Friday, February 26, 2010

1) Reservation at MEGU at 7:45pm  http://www.megurestaurants.com/

2) Julia & Randi’s 2nd Annual NY/SF BiCoastal Birthday Bash 8:00pm-4:00am

Hosted by Julia Allison (a well-known blogger http://julia.nonsociety.com/) and Randi Zuckerberg the sister of Mark Zuckerberg (the creator of Facebook)

The Dates:

Friday, Feb 26th in New York

Saturday, Feb 27th in San Francisco


Get your outfits ready, because you know we take costumes seriously: Think polo shirts (popped!), ribbon belts, tennis skirts & Nantucket reds (or pinks, as the case may be). Headbands are strongly encouraged, as are small embroidered animals on one’s corduroy pants. Also acceptable: 80s ski sweaters in pink & white, ray-bans ala Risky Business, argyle sweater vests, pearl necklaces (the real kind, perv) and anything emblazoned with a tiny alligator or pony.

The Cause: Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Fund

The Generous Sponsors: Moet & Skyy Vodka!

Cupcakes by Melissa

The Extras: caricature artist, photo booth, and a few goodie bags for those with the best costumes 😉

Saturday, February 27, 2010

1) National Girls & Women in Sports Day from 10:30 am–3:30 pm

Please join us for this fun-filled day of activities for girls and women–no boys allowed! We will have dance, yoga, sports clinics, workshops, arts & crafts, prizes, performances and much more.

2) Taste of 7th St. Festival from 4:30pm-7:00pm

Restaurant hop at these 5 locations trying their signature dishes

Caracas Arepa Bar – Arepa De Pabellón

Luke’s Lobster – Snack Sized Lobster Roll

Porchetta – Small Porchetta Sandwich

Butter Lane Cupcakes Choice of Two Cupcakes

Xoom – 24oz Fruit Smoothie

All info at http://scoopst.com/

3) The Standard Hotel http://www.thestandardgrill.com/ 11:00 – 4:00am

Sunday, February 28, 2010

1) Central Park Cross-Park Promenade 11:00am

You will see many surprises on this walk. A hidden bench that tells time, miniature boats powered by the wind, and a magnificent sculpture celebrating fresh water are just some of the sites on this east-to-west walk through the Park.

2) Brooklyn Flea Market in Dumbo from 11:00am–6:00pm

22 Water St at New Dock St, Dumbo, Brooklyn (brooklynflea.com)

3) Wired NY Meetup(membership required) from 3:00pm – 8:00pm

One year ago, on 28 February 2009, the first meetup of Wired New York Group took place. There were 25 meetups after that, and the group has grown to 500 members. This Sunday, 28 February 2010, join other members for the celebration of oneyear anniversary of our community!

We will meet in the afternoon and have a crawl of Williamsburg galleries. Then at 6pm we will gather at Radegast Beer Garden and will talk about past and upcoming events over excellent German beer.

We will start at Pierogi 2000 and then visit the Boiler. After that we will proceed to Grand Street and visit several galleries there.

At 6pm we will meet at Radegast Beer Garden for the anniversary celebration. Even if you cannot make it to the gallery crawl, come join us at the beer garden!

4) Sleep over at my apartment 9:00pm – 10:00 am

I will make a selection of Sushi Rolls with my own secret recipe of sauce to top it off.  Netflix movies and game night!

Monday, March 1, 2010

One of my best friends from college is in town to visit me.  I do not work Mondays because I work long hours at the hospital Tuesday – Friday.  We will go to the MET, the Guggenheim, maybe catch the Hayden Planetarium show at the Natural Museum of History, and I have one event planned for that day:

1) Craft Night at the Etsy Labs: Hat Making with Desira Pesta 4:00 pm-8:00pm


Tuesday, March 2, 2010

After work I try to make Tuesday Night Dinner with my friends.  A different restaurant every Tuesday is picked and we dine!  It is usually about 20 or so people and we all kick back after work and enjoy a beer together.  Lately, I have been held up in clinic and have been going to a LOST Viewing Meet UP (membership required) http://www.meetup.com/LOST-NYC/ ! It starts a bit later at 9:00 and about 80 members watch LOST together at an IRISH PUB while eating dinner.  There is even a program and after the show 3 prizes are drawn in a raffle.  The prizes include LOST merchandise, LOST video games, LOST magazines, signed LOST memorabilia, LOST Bobble Head Dolls…etc..