This caught my eye today

Via Spiga why can’t you be more comfortable!


Someone put a lot of work into giving these away….signs interesting

IMG_0501The smallest little peppers

IMG_0489 Produce to feed Kate plus 8

IMG_0469 About 20 different types of apples and a cute guy

IMG_0482 yellow purple orange white
I ate these as well as 7 other potatoes I picked for dinner the next day. They were really small finger potatoes of all breeds
The softest wool
I should have bought one…next saturday!

art sale in the park just a step in front of my building
Only in New York will there be a dog costume contest! I think I am going to bring my cat to spite them. She knows 7 tricks…way more than a dumb tea cup baby Chihuahua.
There are too many dogs in NYC and as a matter of fact they annoy me more than the rats. As I try to go to work or anywhere…the dogs hog the side walk. They also pee and poop all over the sidewalk and it smells!
Someone tricked us!! On Saturday as Katie K. and I left the movie theater we saw what appeared to be snow. It was 40 degrees and raining so someone decided to put fake snow for some reason at Columbus Circle.