So I am serious about NYC, I mean I flew my cat up here to be with me.
She loves the window and is always entertained by the bustle and hustle
DSCN0180Cute Viley Ukee Pumpkee “Speedy”
I got this bandana at a Brazilian street fair and made Speedy a scarf


Western Omelets

Catheryn is also an Aggie who also graduated in May. We met on the NYC Market place because we were both in search of a home here. We hit it off and now we share the master bedroom while the old lady lives in her office. And yes we share the same bed and yes we just met and it may just be crazy but I don’t care because I live in NYC baby!
Cat and me
At Mr. West

Our other roommate who owns this apartment is named Olga.
Likes: to play chess in the park with her friends, to sew, to make enamel necklaces, to watch net flicks
Dislikes: loud rap music
History: we think she is about 77 and she is from Hungary and speaks all these languages. Her closet relative is her daughter who lives in France.

She bought me a huge random Aries key chain when she bought me my set of keys.
She has a sewing machine I am putting on my desk and she is going to teach me.
Olga made me tea and honey and we ate toast for breakfast out of baskets!!