Just another day

So I got out of work at 4:00 instead of 7:00 because my work wanted to make sure everyone got home safe in the storm. But what do I do? I get CiCi and head to Central Park to go snow tubing!

This man let us borrow his inner tube. I could not get a picture of the hill we were about to fly down, but it was definitely steep with many hills. There were at least 80 people sledding down, which made it very difficult and dangerous for collisions. The first time Crista and I went down the hill, we almost hit a man walking his dog. He heard our shouts and dashed out of the way just in time.

Crista was amazed at all the snowballs and wanted a picture.

Someone made a tiny family of snowmen

This was the most peaceful moment both Crista and I have ever had. The snow was untouched and far from the path. We did not hear the city horns and yells. The snow fell so softly and the light made it glisten.

The most impressive snowman I have ever seen. It had eyebrows, hair, and chubby cheeks! I love discovering the creations people make after it snows.

Days later you still can enjoy the snowmen.

The next day Crista surprised me at work on my lunch break with food! We then walked to Central Park and ate it sitting at the Bethesda Fountain.

The beautiful over hanging trees


Amy came up with the idea of going to see Sleeping Beauty, the Ballet, at the Beautiful Lincoln Center. I recommended eating dessert first as one of my spots David Burke’s!

I love New York because of them!

BUTTERSCOTCH PANNA COTTA – crunchy meringue and curried gelé

SPICED COCONUT CAKE – spiked coconut cream, huckleberries and blackberry sorbet
A GaGa inspired cake

So I took this GaGa pic

Then we got hooked up:
I have been to David Burke’s Townhouse a handful of times and had just gone that week as well. They acknowledged that and brought out tiny treats for my friends and I to enjoy and admire.

Earlier I noticed the menu had changed and I was sad that the Citrus Panna Cotta was not on the list. I made a comment asking if it could be made and the waiter said it was only a temporary menu item. Then as a finale dish, they brought us each another free dessert. It was the one I had asked for; a gift from the chef they said! We were so full of sugar that night and enjoyed every minute of the detectable samples and jumped in a cab off to the ballet!

Outside Lincoln Center

Entertaining ourselves on the ride to the bar

We were the only riders so we had a little fun

Crista…CiCi and I have known each other since she was 14 and I was 16.

We had Brunch with Mimosa and Eggs Benedict at the The Corner Cafe Uptown

We went shopping and found this at Scoop in Soho.

It was an amazing sunday…we watched the Grammys and then worked out for hours

She lives on Roosevelt Island so this is a pic of the view from the air tram that I took home.