I went through hell these last few weeks because I was freaking out that I would not be able to find a place to live. I did not have a job and I had as much cash as a regular New Yorker uses on coffee and cabs for the week!

Let me break it down: it was August 24th, if I did not find a place in a couple of days when the U-haul comes with all my stuff (about 8 boxes and a bed) I would have to just hop on in and drive the U-Haul straight back to Texas 102947538 miles alone as a failure and my dream of trying out a new city vanquished from within me. I was stressing major because I have been trying so hard day and night to find a place to live AND for a job facing disappointment after disappointment because no one will accept me as their roommate with my cat! They keep saying “Look you are perfect but ditch the cat” or “Look I can find a thousand other people that do not have a cat and I do not want a dirty stinking litter box in my living room”. I LOVE MY CAT! I would never just dump her. It’s me and the cat…got it? I do not want to move back home to Texas before I even got a shot here. I learned a lot about the housing market in NY and could not sign my own lease because I didn’t have a job yet and you had to make 45X the rent to be considered which means I need to make over 100K.

Good news: I found a place in Manhattan, on the Upper East Side (The Old money). I live in a very old doorman elevator building that has not been renovated since 1940 but it has a washer and dryer in the basement!!!! and air conditioning in the window!!!! I pay the lady cash…thats kind of sketch but I do not have to sleep on my friends floor anymore! I am sharing a master bedroom with another Aggie that graduated in May as well named Catheryn. Stay tuned: next post is about Olgita the owner of the apartment.
my room
Loud wall paper!