Jumbled Thoughts…

Hey. I am in the process of relocation…..in the city, so I cannot post blog updates ATM… “theres too much pressure and I’m nervous and the taxi man turned on the radio and a Jay-Z song was on”…saying “New Yooork concrete jungle where dreams are made of”….so let me make it happen.

I’ll have to get back to you in…



small store
Kim and I went shopping on the Upper West Side and this man was trying to make us come into his store. All we were thinking was…dude there will not be enough room for 3 people in that store and you are standing in the way anyways. Smallest store in the world.
So we walk into this expensive boutique and notice they had a bowl for doggie treats. You may think…really…is that necessary in a clothing store? In case you did not know, dogs are a commodity in NY and almost everybody has one it seems. At restaurants when you eat outside and if you bring a dog, they bring out a doggie bowl with water for your pup.
Wheel chair dog. Poor dog is paralyzed from the waist down so he/she pulls itsself with its front paws and its back is laying on a set of wheels. I was amazed at how the dog got around.
So I met this Dr that is in residency and he had this on his dashboard. So when a cop stops him, the cop cannot do anything about it!!! WOW

>I have seen 2 rats.

>I tried offering a man who was begging for food and money a Soy Joy bar I had…he said no I do not like that give me a quarter. UGH Soy Joys are 3 dollars.

>Yes those are my feet after my first FULL day of interviewing all around NYC. I was in pain but could not be late and I got lost so many times I didn’t have time to check how my feet were doing until I got home and took off my shoes! If you can make it here you can make it anywhere so they say so here’s to getting up in 6 hours and enduring 12 more hours out on foot starting at 7am tomorrow….ouch. Ya you walk alot here and my pampered Texas feet were not made for this. No more pedicures I want those callouses please because they will be earned!

>I am no an exclusive night club promoter…I walked up to the front of the long line and said my name that was on the list and they gave me and my group free tickets and we walked in VIP.  It would normally be the cost of a table or pay per person and yes girls pay.   I called the guy that hired me and his partner came to get me and my roommates at the front.  He held my hand and led me to the table with 25 other girls!!! HAHA my roommates and I rolled our eyes.  Anyways, so Michelle and Amy made fun of me that night because I got a shot spilled all over my lamb skirt and they guy that did it felt bad and asked what I was drinking and I said water.  He brings me a bottled water back and my roommates laugh at me because I should have said a long freaking island the strongest drink!

>A man sang on the subway:
“This is the introduction..Have you ever met those men that take their woman’s money?  This song is about sharing money.  Money..Honey loves money.  That money.  But you got to share 100% its only fair.  Honey”
He sang this over and over for 12 minutes straight as I prayed for the L train to arrive.

>I am living in a living room out of my suitcases.  We are on the 4th floor, top room with no air conditioning.  YOU WILL NOT BE ABLE TO UNDERSTAND when I say its HOTT.  You people from back home in TX think..NY cant be bad!?!  Let me break it down for you:  You walk up the stairs to our apartment and when you get to the 4th top floor a heat wave hits you.  You get inside our apartment and within 25 seconds the beads of sweat start dripping.  I was talking on the phone in there and my phone almost broke due to water damage from my sweat dripping on it.  YES it is worse than a sauna and I even have trouble breathing because it is so stuffy.  So then I decide to leave the window open and I wake up to bug bites all over my body.  Yesterday I woke up and counted 39 bites!

>I was spoiled.  My parents cut off the funds so I pay for everything now.  I never realized that a box of contacts that lasts 3 months cost $60.  DAMN.

My food consists of whatever I can find that is $1…maybe ill splurge and buy a $3 sandwich…but only on saturdays
cheap eats
>I am in the New York Public Library right now using the free internet bc we do not have internet in our apartment. We can’t even afford a walmart fan in this heat!

>Everyone that drives a cab has a more complicated name than me
EX: Mazzzeruthg Pannuddkqq FGSD

>I slept on a friends couch in the ghetto side of Brooklyn last night to avoid a heat stroke.

>I am moving from the ABC City in lower Manhattan to Midtown (NOT ANYMORE…I AM HOMELESS NOW)

>3 people got shot last night and one died an avenue away from me and I saw CSI this morning during my commute…yellow tape and all