I joined this photography club that travels to different art galleries around NYC to admire the artists work and to take photographs. After the walk or crawl we usually end the afternoon dining together. I really enjoy the people in the group. It is so much fun!

The Cereal Killa’s graffiti wall mural

I liked the orange hair piece with the black and white painting

Behind the scenes at an artist’s loft…I wonder what this will turn out to be?

A bright gallery

At the Boiler Room title “Miniature War in Iraq…and Now Afghanistan” The research and project started in March 2007 and was not shown to the public till February 2010. An Arabic-speaking research team set out to best capture this war getting information from Iraq Bloggers, the New York Times, the US Military etc.. On the wall hung pictures of different toy men from Iraq/Afghanistan and US Soldiers. There was also a movie playing along with the main huge display that I photographed. You cannot see the detail in the picture, but there are many soldiers and civilians carefully places by the research they studied.

Some of the group at another gallery

This was the only exhibit at this gallery…wax and tire tracks

Asian men in a bubble on a mountain

Precisely placed pins and confetti

The cute German Beer Garden we went to after the miles of walking from gallery to gallery!

Cheers…it was the 1 year anniversary of Wired New York. Thanks Edward and Andrew!