Strange foods

I love going to street fairs! I love trying all the ethnic foods and seeing all the people decked out in their cultural flags and jewlery.
Pork on a stick and some sweet corn and mozzarella cake
This man had some goggles with the batman logo and was dancing to this Brazilian techno all by himself as the crowd stared at his get up.
Look closely: Phone & computer on this bat mobile!! I should have asked what he was about but he was way into his dancing.


Crif Dogs..this is called a Chihuahua dog which is wrapped with bacon loaded with sour cream, avocado, ketchup, mustard, and mayo! Next door there is this bar but you can only enter through this telephone booth that connects to the bar. You have to make a reservation on the phone and you can only get the number through someone else with the number. I have it! And in the booth there is a camera and they let you in that way.
This is called the Jack fruit. Olga bought it in China Town and we shared it. It is the largest tree borne fruit in the world and it is grown in Asia. It happens to be the best fruit I have ever tasted, but it is expensive. There is only a very little portion you can eat, the rest is a stalky corn like husk.