I came to New York because I was bored.

I photo events that catch my eye and I fine dine as my hobby.

DSCN0241 Theme song for NYC will forever be a mix of Passion Pit songs:
I’ve dug these holes I’ve crawled into, now they’re my home
and this is like i have always dreamed:
cobblestone and dusty feet

Have you seen me cry or dance like diamonds, glistening
the ups and downs, the life I chose

P.S. I write as if this is my diary…nothing sugar coated.


7 Responses to “About”

  1. crista covert Says:

    you are eating so much junk food!
    shoot for the stars and pick up an apple from cart people!!!!
    props to the soy joy and bakery jobs!!!!
    I love you and be safe around the L

  2. crista covert Says:

    p.s. Where the heck did you find dollar falafals?????

    1. valenetorres Says:

      On St. Marks and 2nd Ave on the lower east side

  3. kelly Says:

    Hey I am so glad you found a place and hopefully you are doing well now!!! just be persistent and seek joy in each day 🙂

  4. Josef Says:

    I found this through google–couldn’t find the link on Kat’s blog. Great template design. Is that your photo on the header? This is sort of the layout I had in mind for my blog if the header image can be replaced. Looking forward to reading more and it was great to hang wit ya!

    1. Valene Eschelle-Lievel Says:

      Glad you found it! That is not my photo….I started my blog the night before I left to NYC and so I got it on the internet, and cropped it until it fit! Yes it was great to meet you and thank you so much for the tour of the MoMa!!!!
      I think we need to film soon!

      1. Josef Says:

        Hey V,

        Did you change e-mail accounts. Your mail keeps coming back now. Hope all is well.


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