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I booked MEGU because I heard that Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart attended this restaurant in celebration the night Twilight New Moon hit theaters.  Since they discovered the restaurant from the grapevine I thought I would too.  I was so impressed with this restaurant I booked it again already for next week.

Here are my ratings:

Service: 9.5
I got 3 wine pairings with my 3 courses. Every time I finished each glass, they brought my next within seconds! It was very busy, yet they managed to make me and my guests feel attended to. The best service I ever had. They explained each meal while bringing out my selections and had my wine pairings on paper describing each of the origins.
Food: The main course was a 9.5, near perfection!
The other courses were generously portioned and fresh, as MEGU ships in their produce from Japan.
Decor: 8
Very elegant and perfect for the most exquisite and impressive date

Sauteed scallops with foie gras sauce
A good portion for an appetizer with a sauce that made me want to lick the plate!

Crispy “Kanzuri” shrimp
Very crunchy and juicy because it was fresh

Saki pairing that came with a paper listing the history of each

Kobe Beef “Kagero” Steak
I dreamed of this the morning after, I dreamed of this today. I have to go back.

Chef’s Omakase Sushi & Roll
The sushi was alright, but I was distracted by the Kobe Beef.

New York Cheesecake with my 3rd dessert wine Fox Run Port NV
Simple but good

The Buddha ice sculpture and floating rose petals were so beautiful to stare at while dining.

Marvelous decor and modern illusional art


Amy came up with the idea of going to see Sleeping Beauty, the Ballet, at the Beautiful Lincoln Center. I recommended eating dessert first as one of my spots David Burke’s!

I love New York because of them!

BUTTERSCOTCH PANNA COTTA – crunchy meringue and curried gelé

SPICED COCONUT CAKE – spiked coconut cream, huckleberries and blackberry sorbet
A GaGa inspired cake

So I took this GaGa pic

Then we got hooked up:
I have been to David Burke’s Townhouse a handful of times and had just gone that week as well. They acknowledged that and brought out tiny treats for my friends and I to enjoy and admire.

Earlier I noticed the menu had changed and I was sad that the Citrus Panna Cotta was not on the list. I made a comment asking if it could be made and the waiter said it was only a temporary menu item. Then as a finale dish, they brought us each another free dessert. It was the one I had asked for; a gift from the chef they said! We were so full of sugar that night and enjoyed every minute of the detectable samples and jumped in a cab off to the ballet!

Outside Lincoln Center

So I picked this restaurant because it has been around for a while and has another establishment in Las Vegas at the Bellagio.  It was rated one of the most famous restaurants in the world. I went out with some close friends for a Valentines Dinner.

Here are my ratings:

Service: I was not happy with the service and I will not be rating this category
Food: 5
Decor: 6 There was cool umbrellas of different sizes on the roof along with an amazing wine display, but that did not entertain me as I waited hours for my food.

See below:

Sorry the pictures are poor, my camera did not take good pictures in the dim light

Yukon Gold Potato Gnocchi – escargot, pancetta, and arugula
I was excited that I finally got to eat escargot again! However, I was disappointed in the portion size.

Diver Sea Scallops – butternut squash purée, broccolini, and bacon jus
This really was more of an appetizer than a main course.

Chicken Confit “Diablo” – tarragon and mustard-crushed potato and watercress
Two of my friends got this course. We all agreed it was too salty to finish.

Monkfish Bouillabaisse – clams, mussels, and fennel
A water down version of creamy tomato soup

They did have a good selection of wine

Our final course (the Dessert) which I normally photo individually, but that sponge cake was not worth photographing.

Okay, so yes this was a negative blog post which is not normal for me, but I wanted to inform travelers of the city or locals of my experience. There are so many fabulous places New York has to offer I would not want you to waste a night and let New York not set the bar.
The service ruined the experience for all of us.  Yes, even Luby’s (a fast food cafeteria) has given me better service. Our plates sat in front of us for about 20 minutes before they were cleared between each course. We spent over 3 hours at that restaurant because they were so slow. They NEVER got the seating placement right when delivering our courses and even brought out the wrong orders and placed them at our table. That is not fine dining nor class. They just placed the food down in front of any one of us and then we had to shuffle the plates around to the right orderer. Yes, I understand it is Restaurant Week and we are getting a little break on the price, but a good restaurant always gives good service. This restaurant had so much hype about it but it really let me down. Five of us “fine dined” there and five of us will never return.

This was my second time to dine at David Burke Townhouse and just like the last time I was thrilled!
Service: 9 (The waiters are very concerned. One gasped at the thought of my roll being cold)
Food: 9.2 aaaamazing!!! highly recommend
Decor: 7 alice and wonderland like and then random other accents in the mix

CiCi met me for lunch on a Monday

PARFAIT OF BIG EYE TUNA & SALMON TARTARES – apples, pine nuts, hijiki and crème fraîche

PRETZEL CRUSTED CRAB CAKE & SWEET CHILI PRAWN – confit orange and poppy seed honey

GARGANELLI PASTA – oven dried tomatoes, bay scallops and arugula

SCOTTISH SALMON – horseradish crushed fingerlings and charred tomato coulis

ORANGE BLOSSOM PANNA COTTA – charred citrus fruits, chamomile and tangerine consommé
This dessert was the best I have ever had. The citrus juice was poured upon eating and took me to a tropical island. Literally so flavorful it was a meditative experience for me. The portions of food were just right that dessert was the finishing touch I craved. I am coming back for this time and time again!

WARM & CRISP APPLE TART – cider caramel and vanilla ice cream
I am not fond of apples and never really enjoyed apples in desserts, but this tart was another perfect dish. I would definitely come back and order this as well. The thin apple flake was so delicate and resembled a butterfly perched on top. When I ate this dessert I pictured it was winter in Colorado and I was in a cozy cabin miles away from anything and with no concept of time; like a child out of school in the summer. I was sipping hot chocolate and about to read a fiction novel as my grandmother brought me her most prized recipe of apple pie passed on from generation to generation and getting better each time. Haa Crista and I had fun enjoying the meals and especially the desserts as we made up these stories using our senses and our vivacious imagination.

We ❤ the glass blown balloons! Beautiful decorations.

The coat check lady gave us pralines for the road

Crista…CiCi and I have known each other since she was 14 and I was 16.

We had Brunch with Mimosa and Eggs Benedict at the The Corner Cafe Uptown

We went shopping and found this at Scoop in Soho.

It was an amazing sunday…we watched the Grammys and then worked out for hours

She lives on Roosevelt Island so this is a pic of the view from the air tram that I took home.

So in NYC there is a month where some high class restaurants will have dinner for a prefix price that is much more affordable then the norm. So i decided to book like 5 places! Here is the first:

These jockey’s were donated by the rich and famous

My first course: Veal & Pork Terrine with pistachios, romain, piquillo peppers, olives, smoked salt, and country bread crisps

Main course: Coffee-Chili Rubbed Pork Chop with whipped sweet potatoes with maple butter, braised kale and smoked ham hocks

Pear Tart with almond frangipane and cherry reduction

The ceiling was covered with old memorabilia
It was a great dinner with my two friends Katie & Yvette. But as for food rating I give it a 6.5 and service was a 6. Better luck at the next place I booked!

MMM loved the rolls

CRISPY SPANISH OCTOPUS – spaghetti and squash

PRETZEL CRUSTED CRABCAKE – confit orange and poppy seed honey

WARM ASPARAGUS & GRILLED QUAIL – goat cheese, chorizo and kalamata olive purée

LOBSTER SCRAMBLE – tomato fondant and crème fraîche

DAVID BURKE’S CHEESECAKE LOLLIPOP TREE – with raspberries and bubblegum whipped cream

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