the joys of life

Some of the people hanging out in the kitchen area

I learned how to make sushi which is now addicting and I make it at least once a week

I love honey roasted peanut, avocado, cream cheese, and crab roll

The Tree at Rockerfeller Center

View of Central Park from The Top of the Rock

love this pic


I live to the right of the park…UES

Top of the Met…the most amazing view and a statue of a tree with branches spanning the whole rooftop that was made out of aluminum….AMAZING! Expensive cocktails served.

IMG_0501The smallest little peppers

IMG_0489 Produce to feed Kate plus 8

IMG_0469 About 20 different types of apples and a cute guy

IMG_0482 yellow purple orange white
I ate these as well as 7 other potatoes I picked for dinner the next day. They were really small finger potatoes of all breeds
The softest wool
I should have bought one…next saturday!

It was Kara Dawns BDay so we ate at Fratelli’s on the Upper East Side.
I met them at the Modern Museum Of Art at a private Monet event.
This is one of the first guys I met in NYC. His name is Giuseppe and he is from Italy and this was his last full night in the states…he is leaving tomorrow!

Chess games in the park
Biggest sunflower I have ever seen
Small doggie park

view in front of my apartment
View in front of my apartment on the east side of Manhattan facing away from all the buildings.

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