Scarey things

At first Juila’s attempt was weak

Then I brought on the drama

Then so did she

I am cooking tamales for my shildren…pleaze don’t hurt me

Ha so funny…the best


on the Upper East Side??? noooo…

So the reason I have not been blogging was because since the 2nd day of work I have been ill. I felt terrible stomach pains and was not going out and sleeping a lot. One day when I was watching Lifetime re-runs I had a deathly sharp pain and had to take the first taxi to the nearest hospital. I knew what I was…I am a science major…it was appendicitis! I was in the ER for 2 full days and had emergency surgery. Thanks to my roommate and friends that came and stayed with me till the early hours of the morning and during their lunch breaks. I also fell in love with my resident Dr, but I’ll never see him again 😦
One of 9 needle pricks
My new BFFS in NYC…my amazing Co-workers that stayed with me for 7+ hours until I went into the OR…Surgery without my mom was scarey…good thing I had my friends!
Melissa brought me flowers the day I returned home!