So the club I am in got free tickets to one of the most famous art shows in the world, which has been an annual event since 1913.

I loved the colors together in the painting by Richard Phillips called White Cube
2009 Oil on Canvas

Black and white themed gallery

Crooked shelf with trinkets and empty frames

tons of frames
Mickalene Thomas
mixed media of 8 panels
named Photomontage 2009

All ages were fascinated and photographed the still moments
Michael Portnoy
mixed media
The Instrument 2009

Cow, Lion, Hawk, Duck


Amy photographing this illusion
Anthony James
Wall Mounted Birch Box 2009

Yoon, Jeongmee
Ethan and His Blue Things

Yoon, Jeongmee
Kara-Dayeon and Her Pink Things

Clay face cut and shaped

Styrofoam on walls

People enjoying the Ronald Feidman Fine Arts Collection

Anna Maria Maiolino
Walking Through Eggs

Katie admiring the painting made of different colors of puffy paint

Yes I believe, NO i don’t

Gilles Barbier
In the soup, a cheddar fondue and three nightmares, speech bubbles (tenant and owners), isolated segments (the infinite assassin) and bananas 2010

Katie and the big flowers

Katie, Amy, & Charlotte with the Big Apple!

Rob Wynne
Kissing Seahorses
print on canvas with glitter and hand sewn pearls

Amy taking photos

Revolving mirrors

Francis Celentano
Elliptical Kinetic Painting in yellow and violet

Our usual mirror pics