Rough Tough NY

When I have to pay rent.


I have no place to live.  My friend I was moving with failed me.  I am sick of trusting.  I’m over it.  I am living on the floor of my friends apartment which is no bigger than a few closets and there are 5 of us there at the moment.  Now I need to find a sublease since situation 1 is not working out for me as I had planned.  Everyone I have talked to on craigslist is a freaking weird person and hates the fact I have a cat.  I am doing part time jobs but have no locked in a full time yet because for the last week  I have been spassing about where I am living.  All my stuff is coming on a U-Haul by Sept. 1st.  Where will I put my stuff?  Why me?  Why do I always find myself in these situations so far from home.  I have barely gone out in NY, too busy trying to make it happen, and its not.  I will most likely have to live in a shitty apt in a living room for $1,000 with a mom and 2 babies. FML

THERE IS NOTHING GLAMOUROUS ABOUT NYC….for all those people that wish they were me, who dream about Manhattan…unless you have more dough than Beyonce.

crowded and smothered

eatin mac n cheese with rooma

At the moment i am living in the ABC city with 2 girls i met the day i got here.  I am subleting my friend Michelles room.  I have known her since elementary and she is arriving on tuesday the 11th.  I am only subleting at this place until i sign a lease in the beginning of september.


As i left my parents at the airport I cried, mom cried, I hate goodbyes, but I had to go.  I had a heavy carry-on that i could not lift above my head.  A man helped me lift it but it was not fitting in the overhead bin.  I held up traffic and had to take stuff out and place it on my lap for the whole flight.  I met a woman who talked to me the whole way form TX to TN and I gave her my card and she gave me her email and told me to KIT.  She said good luck in NY and left in TN.  A couple in there 60s said they were going to NY too.  So we started talking and I ended up asking them if i could follow them to the next terminal for our transfer.  They said SURE!  So we ended up eating lunch together and they were watching my stuff when I ordered my food and they fed me banana bread.  So eventually it was time to board the next plane to NY.  They were in seating assignment A and I was in C.  The man took my heavy bag and said he would put it up for me and they would save me a seat next to them so I did not have to sit all the way in the back!  So nice!  So our plane was delayed 3 hours and we had to sit buckled up in the plane!  Well we finally got there and the wife watched my stuff as her husband helped me get my bags off the belt.  So it was time to part.  But they were going to Manhattan too so they invited me to go in the taxi with them and they would pay my way!  They saved me $45…seriously do I have luck of what?!?!?  Those people I met on the plane were the nicest people I ever met!  The woman that I first met on the plane called me 2 days ago because she said she was had been thinking about me ever since I left the plane!  She also gave me a number to a vitamin sales representative whom she had met on her next plane ride.  She told the lady all about me and the lady gave her her number to give to me because she wants to interview me!  Talk about networking already! :)  I ended up arriving over 3 hours late to the alphabet city or lower east side and met my roommates for the first time!  Amy and Julia are awesome they helped me map out all of the destinations I have for tomorrow!  I unpacked my stuff in the tiny joke of a room and went to bed.


Today I had a few interviews planned and other random jobs I wanted to go to.  I first went to a head hunter who told me that I would only be able to make $45,000 with benefits max since I have no NYC experience!  I was like WTH are you serious…I am worth more than that and I can make that amount in TX!!!  He told me to come back later and he would try to find other options for me.  I left and was walking to this casting call interview next (of course I had to try this once). As I was walking down the street I needed to be pointed in the right direction so I asked a lady.  She told me she was going in that direction and for me to follow her. I did and as we walked she asked why I looked sad.  I told her I was sad about the wages and that I did not want to have a full time job and part time jobs just to make it.  She tried to encourage me.  I got to that SCAM of a casting interview and left after they wanted me to pay for $98 headshots.  So i went to another casting call.  When I got there this guy tried to convince me to pay $10 but a girl walked up who was also interested in the casting.  She screamed at the guy saying it was a scam so I followed her out.  She had been living here for a number of years and started to give me advice as we walked.  We ended up having lunch and I discovered she knew how to sew and had taught classes.  I got her number and told her I would call her once I got settled so she could teach me how to sew on a machine better.  So I went back to the head hunter and he said he liked me and that he could tell I was really trying.  So he called this exclusive temp agency and set me up an interview then and there.  I had to rush 12 blocks to get there and when I did it was near Grand Central on the 18th floor of this gorgeous building.  I filled out paper work for a while then met with a lady.  She helped me revise my resume and talked to me about temporary jobs she could find me: cutting patterns for Mark Jacobs, putting girls inline at a fashion show for Fendi, or being a receptionist for a month at Kate Spade because their previous one was on a business vaca.  She said on Monday I would be in the system and she would find me a job right away.  Monday I have to go back to take a typing test, a Microsoft Word Test, and tutorials in Outlook, Excel, and Powerpoint.  I went home after that and Charlie came over.  We went to this awesome community garden.  They have them everywhere for people to go to talk, walk, read, admire and to plant whatever plants you want. I love the break of green!  He bought me a bottle of wine to welcome me to the city.  There is a place where they are only $2.00 a bottle…I am learning. I went to bed early that night. The next morning I had to wake at 6am!


Craziest day so far!  I had an interview at 10:30 in Vahalla, NY.  I had to take the metro north which is the actual train, not the subway.  It was going to cost me $17 from Grand Central, but I wanted to save money so I rode the subway to the bronx and I would  catch the metro north train there for half the price $8.50.  It would take me an extra hour and a half to do this but I decided to, to save money…bad idea!!  Basically I stuck out like a sore thumb all crisp and dressed for work in the bronx all clueless with my map out.  But I got there safe and on the train to Vahalla I met this man who was traveling from Colorado to go south for a wedding.  I met him because he let me borrow a pen.  We talked for the 30 min ride and he ended up giving me his brothers number who lives in Vahalla in case I was to get lost.  I got off the train and had to find the 6 bus.  I eventually did and waited for it for 45 min.  It dropped me off in front of the entrance of the building I was interviewing at.  I noticed there was a long walk way . HAHAHA but I didn’t know it was a mile long to get to the actual building.  So I get in the office at 10:15 yes…. i left my apt at 7am and didnt arrive until then! I did not get lost or anything it just took that long!  So my interview was a total of 6 minutes!!!! But the lady told me she wanted me to come in at the beginning of next week to work the day with them from 10-5:30.  I said I would let her know because my roommate is coming in monday to look for places for us to live. The other people that interviewed after me got different responses.  The lady told them she would call them if an opening comes up.  So that was good news for me!  But do I want to spend $17 and commute 1.5 hours each day?  I dont  know!  So I walked out of the building heading up the mile walkway to the bus stop.  These 2 charming young men that I met briefly in the office asked if I wanted a ride to the bus stop.  I said sure.  So I was waiting maybe 6 minutes at the bus stop when I hear a honk.  A girl that interviewed after me screamed…need a ride to the train girl?! I said sure.  I became a hitch hiker twice that day!  So I got to the metro and discovered that the next train was not going to arrive till another hour! GEEZ all this for a 6 minute interview and to save $8.50.  So the train comes and I have a few transfers then I get to the station at the bronx again, I put my mean face on and walk to 2  miles to the subway.  I get there realizing that station heading to manhattan was closed for repair.  Where was I to go… my map I made the day before did not account of this! So I saw a lady that knew what she was doing and I followed her and this other boy followed me.  She was a tough one I could tell and I approached her subtly.  The boy did not and she told me to follow her and then she cussed him out!  We had to backtrack to the last stop on the subway and transfer to another train and head back down again.  This took over an hour and she talked to me the whole way giving me advice because she was born and raised in the bronx.  That was pretty cool for a local and a hardcore like her to end up giving me the time of day.  So I got home eventually at 2:40 and had to do a conference call for this part time promotional job I got for jamba juice.  So I put that on speaker as I FINALLY had the time to eat something and get dressed into my next outfit for my other interview.  I hurried and left within 20 minutes to head to the upper west side.  I got to the bakery and talked to the next lady for 2 hours about the part time job and got hired and a free dessert. When I got home at 7:40 I took my shoes off as I talked to my roommate and she and I freaked out as blood gushed and dripped.  Ouch I guess I was so busy trying to make it around on time I did not notice the pain.  So I cleaned that and called a few numbers I missed during the day . I finally got to relax and eat dinner.  The girls and I went to Slate that night in Chelsea.  This guy who was a friend of a friends…maybe…kept buying us shots because he was going to jail the next day for 7 years.  I took a few of them but after a while I just gave them to strangers because he was buying us them left and right and I did not want to hear why he was going to jail so I left.  We took a cab home and I went to bed at 3:30.  The next day I didn’t wake up till 4pm! OMG I know lazy. Well it was the weekend now!


So I woke at 4pm I was suppose to go site see and go to the Brooklyn bridge with Charlie, but I was so tired and in pain that I did not want to walk a mile long bridge.  So I met Charlie and Slava his friend at a falafel place! We had the special falafel for $1!  It was amazing then we went to this place 16 handles for dessert.  We decided to go to a hooka bar and it took us about 25 minutes to walk there.  We were the only ones in the place and we had a blast.  Laughing at the arabic music videos as we made up the commentary.  The videos were mainly about men cheating, murdering, and men who were overly romantic.  We made the stories up to the  unknown language and enjoyed it.  Then we went to this bar on ave C and 9th called Banjo Jims.  It had this awesome folk band called The Relatives that I fell in love with.  Check em out  After that we went to Crif hot dogs and I had a hot dog with mayo, ketchup, mustard, pineapple, swiss cheese, and alvacado.  So good! :) We then met up with some of Charlie’s friends at this bar and played connect4.  I was the champion! After that Charlie walked me home because I was so tired and it was barely 2am…what a lame Texan I am!! He made me find my own way home and just followed me not telling me how to get home.  But I did not make a mistake and I made it!!


Today I went back to that falafel place..Imean 1$ falafels…come-on!!   As I was there in-line a man came up to me and asked if I was European.  I said no, why?  He said that I was dressed like one. Interesting I said .  He had lunch with me and gave me advice about the city.  Now I am drinking organic green tea at a local cafe and updating me life on the web for you guys to see. miss ya XoXo.