I get my first paid vacation from my first real after college job!  It starts TOMORROW on 4/15 and lasts until 4/28.  I am going back to my home town and my state, TEXAS, Tejas, whatev.

I have not been home in 8 and a half months and for that entire time I have been in NYC with out one day of rest from the excessive horns and noise.  I am privileged to live in New York but its a place you definitely need a break from.

I cannot sleep.

Its like I am in 4th grade and tomorrow is my 10th birthday party.  As if I am excited about the breaking of the pinata, getting new toys, the games….but also I am nervous because I hope my classmates like the party and I hope they all show up.  After weeks of planning and sending out corny birthday party reminders, its the night before and I am restless.

Well I just feel giddy and nervous for the long flight alone and happy all at once!

I have many things planned and will blog all about TX.  It feels so foreign now since I have been away for so long.  I feel I will be amazed by the fact my washer and dryer is in my house, people do not honk, I can actually walk around the state without bumping into people, there are deers in the street, and there is grass and shrubbery everywhere, and the mailmen actually drive cars to every house instead of walking their mail cart.

I love NY but TX is sooo much easier.  I will be sleeping to 11am instead of waking at 7 every morning because of Mr. Trashman.

I am in love with the thought of a 2 week change and I love TEXAS!

whoop, yee-haw, What-a-burger, BBQ, shootin guns, and fishin…….

peace ya’ll