I booked MEGU because I heard that Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart attended this restaurant in celebration the night Twilight New Moon hit theaters.  Since they discovered the restaurant from the grapevine I thought I would too.  I was so impressed with this restaurant I booked it again already for next week.

Here are my ratings:

Service: 9.5
I got 3 wine pairings with my 3 courses. Every time I finished each glass, they brought my next within seconds! It was very busy, yet they managed to make me and my guests feel attended to. The best service I ever had. They explained each meal while bringing out my selections and had my wine pairings on paper describing each of the origins.
Food: The main course was a 9.5, near perfection!
The other courses were generously portioned and fresh, as MEGU ships in their produce from Japan.
Decor: 8
Very elegant and perfect for the most exquisite and impressive date

Sauteed scallops with foie gras sauce
A good portion for an appetizer with a sauce that made me want to lick the plate!

Crispy “Kanzuri” shrimp
Very crunchy and juicy because it was fresh

Saki pairing that came with a paper listing the history of each

Kobe Beef “Kagero” Steak
I dreamed of this the morning after, I dreamed of this today. I have to go back.

Chef’s Omakase Sushi & Roll
The sushi was alright, but I was distracted by the Kobe Beef.

New York Cheesecake with my 3rd dessert wine Fox Run Port NV
Simple but good

The Buddha ice sculpture and floating rose petals were so beautiful to stare at while dining.

Marvelous decor and modern illusional art