sights to see

This man was totally in another world with his light up skates going sooooooo slow

holding on to Christmas!


My dad insisted that I do this.

The Tree at Rockerfeller Center

View of Central Park from The Top of the Rock

love this pic


I live to the right of the park…UES

Funny pic series…on a stormy rainy windy day

This girl wanted to be in our picture really bad…at first we did not notice

Then my mom noticed

Then I notice and said what are you doing in our picture?

Then my mom took action…please move…no farther

The boat was a 3 decker boat and we were the only english speaking people (besides that girl) everyone else was Chinese so the tour guide mainly spoke to us for the hour. He took all these pictures of us.

The man’s idea

The tour guide liked us so much he invited me to be a junior captain (he thought I was 15!!! haha)

I got a pin that said New York Water Taxi Junior Captain…yay! lol

They do cool tricks with their swords and demonstrations when you eat in your village huts

Surprise attack!

The toilet here was on a tv show for one of the most amazing restrooms! The seat is heated and well…just look at the pic to figure out the rest

Top of the Met…the most amazing view and a statue of a tree with branches spanning the whole rooftop that was made out of aluminum….AMAZING! Expensive cocktails served.

IMG_0408 The part of Central Park dedicated to John Lennon. The West Side of the park next to where he resided and was murdered.

IMG_0410 Candle, Rose, and halloween candy for John

IMG_0411 Candle says: John Lennon The Beatles Love Forever with Peace Signs

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