Amy came up with the idea of going to see Sleeping Beauty, the Ballet, at the Beautiful Lincoln Center. I recommended eating dessert first as one of my spots David Burke’s!

I love New York because of them!

BUTTERSCOTCH PANNA COTTA – crunchy meringue and curried gelé

SPICED COCONUT CAKE – spiked coconut cream, huckleberries and blackberry sorbet
A GaGa inspired cake

So I took this GaGa pic

Then we got hooked up:
I have been to David Burke’s Townhouse a handful of times and had just gone that week as well. They acknowledged that and brought out tiny treats for my friends and I to enjoy and admire.

Earlier I noticed the menu had changed and I was sad that the Citrus Panna Cotta was not on the list. I made a comment asking if it could be made and the waiter said it was only a temporary menu item. Then as a finale dish, they brought us each another free dessert. It was the one I had asked for; a gift from the chef they said! We were so full of sugar that night and enjoyed every minute of the detectable samples and jumped in a cab off to the ballet!

Outside Lincoln Center