This was my second time to dine at David Burke Townhouse and just like the last time I was thrilled!
Service: 9 (The waiters are very concerned. One gasped at the thought of my roll being cold)
Food: 9.2 aaaamazing!!! highly recommend
Decor: 7 alice and wonderland like and then random other accents in the mix

CiCi met me for lunch on a Monday

PARFAIT OF BIG EYE TUNA & SALMON TARTARES – apples, pine nuts, hijiki and crème fraîche

PRETZEL CRUSTED CRAB CAKE & SWEET CHILI PRAWN – confit orange and poppy seed honey

GARGANELLI PASTA – oven dried tomatoes, bay scallops and arugula

SCOTTISH SALMON – horseradish crushed fingerlings and charred tomato coulis

ORANGE BLOSSOM PANNA COTTA – charred citrus fruits, chamomile and tangerine consommé
This dessert was the best I have ever had. The citrus juice was poured upon eating and took me to a tropical island. Literally so flavorful it was a meditative experience for me. The portions of food were just right that dessert was the finishing touch I craved. I am coming back for this time and time again!

WARM & CRISP APPLE TART – cider caramel and vanilla ice cream
I am not fond of apples and never really enjoyed apples in desserts, but this tart was another perfect dish. I would definitely come back and order this as well. The thin apple flake was so delicate and resembled a butterfly perched on top. When I ate this dessert I pictured it was winter in Colorado and I was in a cozy cabin miles away from anything and with no concept of time; like a child out of school in the summer. I was sipping hot chocolate and about to read a fiction novel as my grandmother brought me her most prized recipe of apple pie passed on from generation to generation and getting better each time. Haa Crista and I had fun enjoying the meals and especially the desserts as we made up these stories using our senses and our vivacious imagination.

We ❤ the glass blown balloons! Beautiful decorations.

The coat check lady gave us pralines for the road