So I decided to be Lady Gaga for Halloween because she is funky. I had fun putting the costume together and went to Mood Fabrics to pick out the material to add to the strapless leotard I got at American Apparel. I sewed on a strap of snake skin pieces that I cut up. I also made a hair piece out of this. The center piece of the leotard was a huge wooden button with different animal print in black that was painted on it. I put a piece of ribbon through the hole of the button and on the end of the ribbon I tied a huge needle that I made out of foil. I sewed the ribbon which draped on the leotard. I added lace to the top half on the leotard and around one of the legs. And the blond wig was the icing on the cake!
IMG_0347 I say Lady Gaga or Lady Vee because the design was my own

What now

IMG_0441 Cabbing it up all night

But when the cabs stop running the subways the option