So when I decided I was moving out of TX it was about Spring Break time. I told my parents and they said “AS IF”. They totally thought it was just another thought in my head. Well when I say something I usually do. From that moment on until I left on August 5th all my parents would say was “HAHA you want to go to New York? You will never find a job in this economy. You are going to fail and run back home. It is too hard to live there. You are crazy.”

So I pack up and left. I researched many jobs and had 13 interviews lined up. I even had one part time job set up for the first weekend in the city. I was going to be staying with friends of a friend. People whom I had never met. I slept on the ground. Roaches in my face. Hot as HELL and I lived out of a suitcase with dirty wrinkled clothes for 3 weeks. Running from interview to interview to part time job to dive bars.
So I was trying to find a job but at the same time trying to find a place to live! Signing a lease in NYC means you have to make 45 times the rent annually which means your salary after taxes has to be over an estimated $90,000 if you are living in a $2,000 apartment! My parents would not be a guarantor so I had to find a place that allowed a cat and did not make me do a credit check or sign a lease. So I did but I share a freaking bed with another girl. We occasionally wake each other up in the middle of the night because we bump in to each other. Usually what is said is “GIRL get on your side of the bed” HAA Its what I had to do to stay here.

So on the 2nd day of work I started getting terrible abdomen pains!! I try to focus but it hurts. I deal with it for over a week until one night I had to run to the emergency room and got emergency surgery. All alone…I didn’t need you mom. The decision to go to the ER that night saved my life. The only ironic funny crappy thing about that is the fact that my insurance for work would have paid for everything!!! Every cent if my appendix would have just WAITED FIVE DAYS!!!!

I bought the iphone with my first paycheck and signed a 2 yr contract with AT&T for myself. I have never had a credit card because I use debit. The made me pay them a $500 down deposit that I cannot get until NEXT October!!! OMG that day my paycheck left my hands in hours because when I left the AT&T store my bill was over $800 due to phone and case and I paid rent that day $700!

I went to the dentist 2 days ago and I have 2 cavities…another $500.

OMG guess I cannot afford a REAL winter coat.

My parents have not given me a penny since and said they will not even look at my hospital bills for the appendix emergency.

Last week after work I was waiting for the bus to take me home and I was staring off in the distance with tired eyes from the computer screen when I noticed the NYC logos on all the cabs. I sighed and shook my head in disbelief that I did it. No matter what obstacles were placed in my path, I am here and will reside here for years I imagine. And all your criticism was wasted breath because it never came true. I am a tough and I roll with it.

I am a full blown adult, take a look at me now