So here’s the story:
I got a job in NYC!! I work at Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center in the Breast Center. I am so proud to have this job and when people see me on the street or on a bus random strangers tell me “Wow you work there! That is such an achievement!!” It is a world renown hospital and the top Cancer Center in the world!
So about the job:
There was a 2 month training course so we could learn about patient care but mainly about the 2 computer softwares we use.
This job is hard and intense!!!! I basically schedule surgeries, radiology appointments (bone scans, PET Scans, CT Scans, Mammos etc..) I schedule Chemo and have to know the generic names of many drugs, the prep time, and how frequent to schedule them. I have to know a million names and numbers and I work with about 40 Doctors on 3 floors (Med Oncology and Surgery). Reconciling and overbooking pending work is the worst. But all my Co-workers are also my age and fresh out of college so that rocks!
my name tag and group table
Toasting at the end of Orientation before the intense 2 month training started
Some work friends!