small store
Kim and I went shopping on the Upper West Side and this man was trying to make us come into his store. All we were thinking was…dude there will not be enough room for 3 people in that store and you are standing in the way anyways. Smallest store in the world.
So we walk into this expensive boutique and notice they had a bowl for doggie treats. You may think…really…is that necessary in a clothing store? In case you did not know, dogs are a commodity in NY and almost everybody has one it seems. At restaurants when you eat outside and if you bring a dog, they bring out a doggie bowl with water for your pup.
Wheel chair dog. Poor dog is paralyzed from the waist down so he/she pulls itsself with its front paws and its back is laying on a set of wheels. I was amazed at how the dog got around.
So I met this Dr that is in residency and he had this on his dashboard. So when a cop stops him, the cop cannot do anything about it!!! WOW