I have no place to live.  My friend I was moving with failed me.  I am sick of trusting.  I’m over it.  I am living on the floor of my friends apartment which is no bigger than a few closets and there are 5 of us there at the moment.  Now I need to find a sublease since situation 1 is not working out for me as I had planned.  Everyone I have talked to on craigslist is a freaking weird person and hates the fact I have a cat.  I am doing part time jobs but have no locked in a full time yet because for the last week  I have been spassing about where I am living.  All my stuff is coming on a U-Haul by Sept. 1st.  Where will I put my stuff?  Why me?  Why do I always find myself in these situations so far from home.  I have barely gone out in NY, too busy trying to make it happen, and its not.  I will most likely have to live in a shitty apt in a living room for $1,000 with a mom and 2 babies. FML

THERE IS NOTHING GLAMOUROUS ABOUT NYC….for all those people that wish they were me, who dream about Manhattan…unless you have more dough than Beyonce.

crowded and smothered